I worked at the garage in Bembridge on and off for over 20 years.
I enjoyed the comings and goings of the customers,
plus I got to sit in my own little hut with endless supply of hot chocolate and
got through so many books.
As far as jobs go it was one of the best.....and iv had quite a few!

Another day, another dollar, Oh how I wish I’d been a scholar
Forecourt attendent is my title, Being nice is oh so vital

Fill ‘er up, please me dear, Ooo, ow the wind blows up through ’ere
Now dont go getting cold, I dont ‘alf feel it , now i’m old

Hurry up! I’m tired of waiting, I’m in a rush, I’ve got a meeting
I’d like eighty pounds in my Range Rover, Not a penny more, so dont go over

Ah there she is, Hello Sue, Looks like rain I think, How are you?
Oh my, those clouds are looking grey, Can you do my tyres today

Darling! Would you be so kind, Just a fiver, Oh I know its a bind
But petrols soo expensive here, Im orf to Tesco where its not so dear

Twenty bob lovey, in my old Humber, Been miles today, way over yonder
Cant see too well, would you find my money, This roads so busy, see me out, be a honey

Do my oil, I will not wait, Do my water, I cant be late.
Madam! Can you not see I have a que. Do it yourself, you miserable moo!

Gosh! Its a long time since i’ve been served, Here’s a pound, Its what you deserve
Well thank you kindly I like a tip, hang about and il do your dip.

And so the days pass quickly by, As we have a chat and study the sky
Most are friendly, the odd one not, But all in all, Its a pleasant job