I wrote this a few years ago. Elves are all the rage at the moment.
To be honest I get a bit fed up with them!

On The first day of December, I met a little elf,
He appeared in my home, and sat upon my shelf.

He wore a bright red coat with stripy tights to match,
He had funny pointy ears and a red bobble hat.

His beady little eyes followed me all around the room,
I knew not where he came from and hoped he’d be gone soon.

I left the elf upon the shelf and took myself to bed,
Sleep didn’t come easy with elves inside my head.

Then when I awoke from a very strange dream,
I found the little fellow was nowhere to be seen.

But Alas! When I opened my drawer to get some socks,
Out he popped like a jack in the box.

This naughty little elf just wanted to tease me
Which made me feel a little uneasy.

I pondered! What should I do about this little chap,
So full of mischief and mishap.

I sighed! Christmas was coming and I was in good cheer,
So I decided to let the little elf stay here.

And so.....Every morning when I awoke,
I went to find the little bloke.

Once I found him in my welly,
Next I found him in the jelly.

Then I found him in the loo,
Oh dear! Oh dear! What shall I do.

I felt a little bit of excitement and a little bit of fear,
As to where the naughty elf would magically appear.

I tried to be patient, I tried to be kind,
And I tried my hardest not to mind.

But I’d had 24 days of this little pip squeak,
It was Christmas Eve and I just couldn’t sleep.

So I looked out the window to where the moon shone bright,
And saw a glittering sleigh in the dark starry night.

The reindeers had bells, all jingling and ringing,
And my goodness me, Father Christmas was singing.

Little Elf Little Elf, your job is now done,
Jump up on the sleigh, my little one.

And as he flew closer over my roof,
A magical gift appeared in a swoop.

All covered in soot was a wonderful toy
And the label was addressed ‘to a very good boy’.