Iv had so many jobs over the years.
I didn't have a clue what I wanted to do when I left school in 1984.
I started painting in 2000 and it became a nice little side line alongside employed work.
It was only when I got a smart phone and got savvy online that I managed to make a success of my art business.
I absolutely love what I do now and feel so lucky to be working full time as an artist.
Thank you so much for your custom. I couldn't have done it without you.

When I was young, my mother said.. An office girl you’ll be!
Men in suits, Nine to five, I knew this wasn’t for me.

Ok how about a cleaner, I hear Warners pays quite well.
The pay was crap, the tips were shit and the job was bloody hell.

So off I went down to my local, the good ol’ Pilot Boat Inn.
I need a job, I said to Joy… OK my girl, your in!

Now Id been drinking there a while, so when it came to payday
She asked me for my date of birth, a little too late, Id say!

Your P45 is not correct, there must be some mistake
Iv served you beer for several years, your too young for heavens sake

I got a severe ticking off, but for quite a while I stayed
Washing up and waitressing… and drinking lemonade.